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01. A.A. Ketut Budiastra_Students Perception toward the Need of Infrastructure

02. Adhi Susilo_Exploring Facebook and Whatsapp As Supporting Social Network Applications For English

03. Amalia Sapriati and M Sekarwinahyu_Teaching Science through Observing Plants Close to Students

04. Annisa Bela Pertiwi_Implementation of Active Learning Strategy for Improving Activities

05. Asep Deni Iskandar and Herlinda Putri_The Importance of Visual Language In Learning Photography

06. Benny A. Pribadi_The Implementation of Constructivism Learning Theory

07. Benny Nugraha et. al._PKP Supervision Model Development Using the Block System Tutorial

008. Cik  Norazlina Mohamad et. al._Applying Pause Analysis to Explore Cognitive Processes

010. Dina Mustafa_Responding to The Demand of 21st Century Teaching and Learning

011. Falahah et al._Implementation of  Mediawiki as A Tool for Knowledge Sharing

012. Faridah Mariani et al._Isu dan Cabaran Pelaksanaan Pendidikan Asas Vokasional

013.  Hazidi Abdul Hamid_An Analysis of the Use of HAVE By Adult Learners

014.  Hendar_Implementing  Nunan’s Autonomous Language Learning Model

015. Herman_Relationship between Customer Value and Customer Satisfaction

016. Intan Widuri Sakti_Implementation and Evaluation of a Student-Centered Learning

017. Jimmi Sinton_What and How We Teach Introductory Finance

018. Jozua Sabandar and Farida Nurhasanah_Hidden Curriculum in Promoting Self-Regulated Learners for Te

019. Khuzaiton Binti Zakaria and Thana Binti Abdullah_Mengajar Bahasa Melayu Kepada Penutur Asing dan C

020. Latifah Abdol Latif et al._Quality Education in ODL

021. Maman Rumanta_Analysis of Content and Instructional Design of Open and Distance

022. Maximus Gorky Sembiring dan Puryati_Teachers Perspective on Factors Affecting

023. Maximus Gorky Sembiring_Teacher Perception on the 21st Century Skills Determinants

024. Maximus Gorky Sembiring et al._Determinants of Active, Creative, Effective

025. Mizna Qasim et al._Embedding 21st Century Skills in Pre-service Teacher Training

028. Mutiani and Suhartono_Modeling Practice Guidance Consolidation Professional Competencies

029. Ojat Darojat and B Hardjojo_Improving Curriculum through the Systems Model for Distance Education

030. Oktora Yogi Sari_Students’ Perception on Career in Sales

031. Ratna Khuzaimah Mohamad et al._The Flipped Classroom

032. Raemah Abdullah Hashim et al._Study on Postgraduate Student Preferred

033. Rima Rahmawati and Tetty Lasniroha_Direction of Vocational Accounting Education

034. Shawira Abu Bakar et al._Educational Portal for Web-Based Courses (EPIC)

035. Shawira Abu Bakar et al._Perceptions of Students (In-service Teachers) on OUM

036. Sugiartiningsih_The Analysis of Using A Quality Teaching Method

037. Surachman Dimyati and Mujadi_The Use of Dry Lab To Enhance Students’ Comprehension

038. Tetty Lasniroha and Cucu Hodijah_The Effect of Satisfactory Quality Services Using the Library

039. Trini Prastati and Asmara Iriani Tarigan_Implementing The Addie Model For UT’s Tutor Training Prog

040. Udan Kusmawan_Universitas Terbuka amongst the National Framework

041. Wardah Mohamad et al._Challenges and Strategies in Engaging Adult Learners

042. Yasir Riady_The Use of Facebook In Teaching and Learning as Digital Library

043. Yenny Maya Dora_Role of Information Technology on Learning System

044. Zahari Hamidon_A Application of Cloud Computing in Teaching and Learning

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